HamRadioCoin Pool @ Hashlink.EU
posted 09/11/2014 08:22:12 by ironman

HamRadioCoin - HAM
Digital currency for Ham Radio Operators all over the world!

If you are an association of amateur radio operators, or you're planning a interesting DXpedition do not hesitate to contact us.
The premining was maintained for distribution to the amateur radio community

Is a project dedicated to creating different ways to spread the word about Ham Radio World

and help new merchants and people to get involved with a dedicated crypto currency!

It may be for fun or grow over time, the community of amateur radio has always surprised

to know that the endless initiatives to continually create all over the world and this may be

an additional opportunity to make known this world of great people who are at the service community

before thinking about your pleasure of being on the radio.
We hope that the amateur radio community will take this opportunity to make it grow over time.